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12 preliminary pages with specifc tools for youth: How to study the Bible, How the Canon was formed, History of the Bible, The apocrypha, and a special Bible marking plan.
More than 160 biblical texts highlighted with distinctive calligraphy and the challenge of memorizing them.
Biblical text – New King James version.
The words of Jesus in red.
More than 350 articles, divided into fi ve major sections, which address relevant issues to your life.
A special transmedia eff ect that will allow you to access more than 150 articles through QR codes with your smartphone or tablet.
More than 95 pages of resources for youth: Rescuing the Truth Bible studies, two Bible reading plans, What is a world changer, as well as charts and maps on various themes.
30 beautifully illustrated charts inserted throughout the Bible: I believe in . . . a God who reveals Himself, a constant dialogue, a game with clear rules, a wellcared for planet, a multitude of abilities, and many more


2 colored covers available.

Bible version:

The Holy Bible, New King James Version®.


The Youth Bible has been developed in cooperation with the Youth Ministries Department of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and Editorial Safeliz.


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