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Specially conceived and developed for those who are dedicated Christian disciples, this Bible has the following features:

New King James Version® (NKJV).
Words of Jesus printed in brown.
Practical biblical tools for disciples: list of Jesus’ miracles and parables, life of Jesus, 24 attributes of the Holy Spirit, important symbols, tests for true prophets, etc.
Chain Bible Study, a wonderful and useful guide to study and share biblical teachings developed with the Bible text.
Special resources for committed disciples: A call to evangelism, Christian growth, counseling, secrets to sharing the gospel with others.
Unique supplies for Bible preaching: Practical answers to difficult questions and hot topics of the Bible.
Seventh-day Adventist resources: Adventist issues and Fundamental Beliefs.
There Is an Answer! Bible studies, a contemporary way to understand and testify about the Word of God.
24 colorful charts inserted throughout the Bible.


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